Boonastiel - T. H. Harter, 1904


The articles contained in this volume were published from time to time, in the Middleburgh (Pa.) Post, of which I was editor until 1894, and since then in the KEYSTONE GAZETTE, Bellefonte, Pa., under the heading of "Brief Fum Hawsa Barrick," addressed to myself as "Liever Kernel Harder" and signed "Gottlieb Boonastiel." At first they were written for personal amusement, and appeared only occasionally, but I soon found them so essential to the prosperity of my paper that, in order to keep up its circulation, I was compelled to write every week, and now have a great number of letters on file, out of which I have selected the substance that composes this volume.

Although there are several volumes of poetry in this language, I believe this to be the first one in prose of this people, whose language, customs, and traditions are peculiar to themselves, and who are rapidly passing away. Although this blood, as one writer has conceded, is the best strength of nearly three million Pennsylvanians, and of something like a million more in other States, there remain but a few thousand families of the old unchanged stock. The rest, through inter-marriage and long association with the dominant race, have lost their peculiarities, and are indistinguishable from them, unless it be by reason of their greater patience, confidence and steadfastness of purpose.

That this volume may assist in perpetuating the memory of the Pennsylvania Germans, and by its combination of fun and philosophy, peculiar to the language, correct the wrong and strengthen the right, to the end that it may stimulate noble thoughts and actions and lead to honor, success and happiness, is the earnest wish and prayer of the author.



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